with the help of uan employer portal, Now employers can pay the epf payment at SBI epf online payment gateway and other banks like ICICI, HDFC, AXIS IDBI too. Employers can pay ECR E-challan at payment at SBI and other banks within EPFO ECR Portal. HR has to fill the required details to generate TRRN and challan. with TRRN number employees can track epf contribution to their pf account monthly this facility available from 2017 with a launch of the unified uan portal.

epf online payment @ unified uan employer portal

  • Visit ECR Portal,
  • Payment (ECR)>>download previous month ECR>>
  • Generate TRRN (Temporary Return Reference Number),
  • Select the Bank to enter TRRN and make payment.
  • Print the EPF payment found in Reports.

ECR Excel sheet demo

  1. Column A: UAN Number
  2. B: Member name
  3. C: Gross  wages
  4. D:EPF Wages  (monthly epf contribution limited 15,000)
  5. E: EPS wage
  6. F: EDLI Wages
  7. G: EPF Contri remitted 12%/EPF Wages
  8. H: EPS Contri remitted 8.3%/EPS wage
  9. I: EPF & EPS diff remitted Columns G-H
  10. J: NCP days to without decimal 1/2 days round up to 1

Save as CSV. and open it as the  text file to remove (,) with #~#

PF Admin charge 0.85% or 500 which is greater.

EDLI (employee deposit linked insurance scheme) admin charges 0.85% or 200 which is greater

uan employer portal login Registration

Employers have to register at epfo employer portal with the basic details. the epfo registration form asks basic details like Name, DOB, Company PAN not asks company name and Mobile number along with address details.

Go to https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/

and click on employer sign in below the establishment sign and then go for employer registration OLRE.

Read the uan employer portal registration instructions pdf

epfo uan employer registration

What is the meaning of ECR in PF?

Electronic Challan cum Return filing system. employers can register with user id and password to make payment to epfo every month.

for claims, there is another portal available called OTCP member claims.epfoservices.in

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana(PMRPY) paying 8.3% to the employer eps contribution.

Unified Sharm Suvidha Portal login  https://shramsuvidha.gov.in/home

PMRPY employer login https://pmrpy.gov.in/pmrpy/

EPf employer login portal https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/

OTCP employer login https://employerclaims.epfoservices.in/

Technical issues then call epfo toll free number: 1800118005

Employer registration on EPFO

New company /employer /establishment can register online with epfo. for paying pf contribution etc.

Generally, TAX consultant or accountants can create epfo account for the employer. but making the payment every month is the employer entity. then the employer has to log in every time and pay the pf contribution by the bank.

So we may see frequently epfo employer login instead of employer registration.

EPF Employer login claim portal

OTCP Login for employers (Online transfer claim portal). both employers and employees can login to otcp by epfo. they can process claim online.

the employer has to approve the employee claims by digital signatures.

EPf employees login,

Other related epf balance, epfo claim status.


Steps for the uan employer portal Registration:

To log in to an employer Universal Account Number portal, you have to register at this portal. Whether you are the new employer, here are the steps to register and the EPF Employer login for the first-time register of your company at the Employee provident fund organization website.

The Details you must provide:

  • Give all establishment and personal details of the Company and Employer
  • Get the digital signature
  • Get Provident fund code number

Tips for the registration of the New Employers:

  • First of all, go and visit the official website
  • Fill the establishment and personal details of the company and employer. If you are entering PAN, enter the PAN of the company and not of authorized signatory.
  • If you enter your mobile number, then you will receive the PIN on your registered number. Verify the registration with these PIN and then finally you have to click on the register.
  • On the successful registration, the employer will get the SMS consisting of the temporary password and username for the first-time login
  • Go to the UAN EPF employer portal and you have to log in with the temporary password and username. It will inquire you to create a new password and username.

Tips to Make EPF payment at the uan employer portal 

  1. The Employers must have to keep in mind that there are few banks available to make epf payment to the provident fund employer accounts.
  2.  the employer must make the EPF payments by the 15th of every month(epf payment last date).
  3. After fifteen there will be an extension.

if you facing any issues with employer registration and online payment or claim settlement etc. please comment below or contact epfo employer helpdesk portal.