uan activation: The UAN (Universal account number) is an important number for the employee. The UAN number is introduced by the Employee Provident Fund organization to the employee. With the help of the uan, anyone can easily transfer and withdrawal the money and quickly. The universal account number is portable for the all companies and the uan can be used anywhere In India. UAN is a twelve digit number is allotted to every employee by the employee provident fund organization.

Steps For uan member portal registration

The uan gives the power to the employee to control the EPF account and also minimize the role of the employer. The universal account number helps to transfer the fund from one account to another account.UAN Acts as the umbrella for all more multiple pf accounts.

The employee once has activated his registration get the following services

  1. member passbook,
  2. UAN card download,
  3. updating KYC information,
  4. view transfer claim, file,
  5. listing his member ID to the UAN and others.
  6. Pf transfer one account to another.
  7. pf withdrawal without employer signature.

Nowadays uan activation necessary for checking  EPF Balance.

If you want to know about your UAN number for activation then follow the procedure at this page UAN Status.

UAN activation  or registration will be done at

Ways to Activating UAN on the Member Portal

  1. BY Aadhaar Number,
  2. UAN Number,
  3. Pf Number
  4. Pan card Number

any of the above and below following details mandatory.

  1. Name & surname.
  2. date of birth, father name
  3. Mobile Number and email id.

uan activation by aadhaar


Tips to activate the uan universal account number

The universal account number is allotted to the employees will be intimated to the employee through the salary slip. After knowing the universal account number, the employee should activate the UAN.

  • Visit the EPFO website at our service >> employees>> uan activation.
  • Select the EPFO-uan service at the right corner of the page
  • Download the user manual with the link (optional)
  • Read the user manual and then click uan member portal
  • Select the Activate your UAN and then click on the checkbox
  • Enter the compulsory field for the uan activation.
  • Enter the universal account number allotted to you and enter your mobile number
  • Then select the state and after that select the office.

2nd Part of uan activation at epfo

  • Enter the establishment ID and EPF number  / aadhar /pan / uan (any one of these)
  • After that type the character shown in the box and then select the Authorize button. You get your pin number on your mobile number.
  • Click the checkbox and then enter the PIN number received on your mobile number.
  • Then click on the submit button, and new page will be open
  • The employee name will be displayed on the screen and check your name spelling
  • Then enter the details and create the username and password.
  • Enter your father name, date of birth and others
  • Then click on the checkbox and create and enter the password
  • Re-enter the password for confirmation
  • Enter your email ID and click on the submit button
  • The UAN registration SMS will be received on the mobile number

Once the UAN account is activated, and you log in the uan account by entering the username and password.


How do get done UAN activation?

The employee who contributes for EPF account can eligible for getting the UAN. The UAN has allotted to every EPF member to assist him or her to enjoy more of facilities. The UAN number will communicate to you through your employer that includes your monthly pay slip. Or else, you can contact your employer to get your UAN. If you do not get the UAN from your employer, then you can follow the below steps.

  • Visit the EPFO member portal
  • Go to the check UAN status / UAN activation option below the login form.
  • There select your state and office of jurisdiction
  • Now enter your EPF number as well as establishment code
  • Once all information entered, click on the check status button

Immediately, the web page shows your UAN status. If the uan portal shows your UAN activated then you can go directly and contact your employer with a screenshot of it.

How to activate EPFO UAN:

You can use your UAN by visiting the UAN member portal website. First, you need to activate your UAN by simply clicking Activate Your UAN link on the portal. While login, you should keep the mobile number, member ID, and UAN with you. Once you get UAN from your employer, you need to follow below steps to activate your UAN.

  • Visit the UAN member portal website
  • Then select the tab UAN registration form
  • In that, enter your mobile number, UAN, and EPF account details
  • EPFO will send the authorization PIN to your registered mobile number
  • Once you entered the PIN number as received in your mobile, UAN activated
  • Generate your login ID and password for you to complete the registration process

How to download UAN card:

Follow the steps to download UAN card.

  • Login to the UAN member portal
  • Go to the download options and click the tab download UAN card
  • Then click the download button. Now you can either save or print it.

uan activation problem & helpdesk

uan activation problems


The problem, SMS not received while registering uan member portal

solution: wait for sometime, or again do check mobile registered with epfo or not contact HR.

2.forgotten password and mobile number changed

UAN portal rectified this, by entering your PF details and date of birth, Name etc.

follow his>> uan portal>>forgot password>>ener uan>> old number appears to sent OTP>>click on NO>>enter your of details & aadhar & pan >>enter new mobile number>> get OTP Set New Password.

login to the portal to know epf member balance.

uan activation by SMS

SEND EPFOHO ACT 12 digit UAN number 22 digit MemberID TO  7738299899.

NOTE: Space needed among UAN & PF ID  also on EPFOHO ACT word.

ex:EPFOHO ACT 123456789876 SSRRR12345670001234567.

  1. SS = state
  2. RRR= region
  3. 1234567= establishment id /company code.
  4. 000= company branches if any
  5. last 7 digits are our EPF number.

Activating on the mobile epfo mobile app

  1. download the Umang app from google play store, one-time heavy registration is required with aadhaar and mobile number.
  2. then you can link Facebook, Twitter for easy login next time, set a 4 digit pin to log in quickly.
  3. once you logged click on the epfo icon.
  4. click on members option, among employers and pensioners.
  5. then click on activate uan, between epf passbook and activate uan.

on the mobile activation process

  1. Enter your PF Number select state & pf office employer code and your EPFO number.
  2. your UAN number
  3. mobile number.

click on activate uan authorize with Mobile SMS OTP.

you will get a confirmation message like, your uan number activate kindly go the uan portal and set the password for login.


UAN member Portal registration with Aadhaar Number

you don’t need generate UAN and checking its activation status, further activating it and setting the password. but the new demand based on people interest, epfo launched Aadhaar based UAN registration option.

  1. AAdhaar number generates instantly,
  2. Activation takes further steps as we mentioned above.
  3. we can login to the portal on the final step.


  1. visit uan portal, and click on Aadhar based uan allotment
  2. enter your aadhaar number, and click on authorize
  3. you will get an authorization SMS to and mobile number which is linked with aadhar data. from UIDAI kindly confirm the details.
  4. Your name and address details will be seeded to the epfo portal.

NOTE: you pf account and aadhaar details should be matched with each other.

and follow the uan activation process and setting new password after activation.

 uan portal registration final set password

  1. generating uan
  2. know status
  3. activate it
  4. SET the new password for login.

how to SET New password / reset for UAN Portal?

once the uan activated you have to log in the portal to download uan passbook, update kyc etc.

but password required, new employees no idea about creating a new password, earlier pf activation form allowed create while registration. but as of now, we have to choose the forgot password option on uan portal. some people may confuse about updating new password without old password.

  1. visit uan member portal,
  2. click on forgot password below the login form.
  3. enter your UAN Number
  4. you will see your mobile number and it asks for “do you want to received OTP on this mobile number” click on yes.
  5. verify OTP and set new strong password combination of minimum 8 digits, 1 CAPital letter and a symbol etc.

finally, you can log in to the portal by your uan and password.

UAN Activation process PDF

unfortunately, there is no official documentation for the Process of activating uan process unavailable in PDF. But you save this article as PDF and download to your mobile phone or desktop.

just press CTRL + P to print this article finally click on save as PDF in chrome. or read directly and ask questions below.

Benefits of activating and registering on the UAN:

You can gain many benefits while activating and registering on the UAN member portal. Some of the UAN activation benefits listed below.

  • You can check your PF status,
  • You can download PF passbook,
  • Update or correct KYC information,
  • Even you can track your claim status for withdrawal
  • You can also check UAN status if you do not receive UAN yet.

UAN Activation avilable at