epf balance by UAN, download passbook PF balance check

Good news You could know pf balance by uan number at memebrs.uanportal.com or epfo services. In too. Also, you can inquiry epf balance at employee provident fund organization epfo portal.epfindia.gov.in or epfindia.com epfo services. In and other etc. Check Pf balance in 3 Steps: the simple way to check pf balance details by giving missed call to epfo. But this not works until your profile is complete at uan portal.

Now uan number is mandatory for pf balance check. If you want to know uan number just follow the uan activation process by aadhar, PAN, pf number, etc. uan passbook or epf Passbook is the only one way to know epf balance by uan. just log in with uan number and password and opt for epf passbook download in below section.

check pf balance in following ways
1 Download passbook at epfindia.gov.in
2 Missed call from registered mobile to 01122901406
3 send SMS to  7738299399
4 Monthly SMS alerts
5 checking Umang APP
6 epf pension balance
7 railway employees pf details

inquiry of provident fund balance at epfindia.gov.in

  1. visit the epfindia.gov.in,
  2. click on service and employees,
  3. again click on member passbook,
  4. enter your uan number & password.
  5. select the option like Passbook, click on view passbook.
  6. then your pf details along with last credited, accumulated interest and total balance available.

checking epf balance 1st time?

follow the same approach above but if you don’t know uan & password. visit uan portal and there register for login details. again come to epfindia.gov.in member passbook. enter your uan login details to download the passbook. please read about uan registration here.

Checking epfo member balance by SMS & Missed call


  1. Your mobile must be registered with epfo.
  2. KYC should be approved by the employer & pf officer
  3. UAN Number activation is necessary

SMS: EPFOHO UAN ENG 7738299899

Missed call service: call directly from your registered mobile, 011-22901406.

Monthly SMS Alerts: when your employer contributed to your epf account, you will get the message like “your pf account credited with the 15000 amount and total balance will be 1000000” like the bank account,

Check Epf balance by PF Number Or Member id

  1. Log on to epfindia.gov.in check for employee services then select and epf balance.
  2. Or you can search on google for epf balance then click on epfindia.gov.in
  3. You can also directly visit from this uan login portal from this link http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php

Step 2 pf account balance checking online

  1. Enter your PF Account number which included in your salary slip if you doesn’t know it. If you know the pf number, Then enter it on epfo balance portal.
  2. Select state and then Regional pf office after that you have to get into the company code or establishment number if you don’t know establishment number. Then you can search at the epfo services portal.
  3. Extension code: if you don’t have have any branch leave this blank. I don’t know where it available in establishment code or on the epfo balance portal.
  4. Finally, enter Your PF  number it contains the maximum of 7 digits.
  5. So your pf number includes 22 Alphanumeric characters, and this also called as Your Member ID.
  6. Pf member id required for  UAN registration, epf balance checking, filling epfo withdrawal forms.
  7. If you have two pf accounts, you have check balance on both pf accounts separately.

Enter your pf number, Mobile number, and the captcha code. You will get Pf balance details by SMS to your phone.

The process can happen in a couple of minutes. You may not pf balance details in case of your Aadhaar card; Pan Number may not confirm by the employer.

Download/know pf balance passbook uan here

How to Check Pf balance at uan Member portal?

Visit the uan member portal, log in to uan by entering the UAN Number and password. If you are not already registered uan, then check out the article on UAn status registration activation on our main website.

After a successful uan login, then navigate download click UAN passbook it contains details of your pf balance along with last contribution interest credit and total epf balance.


Download UAN Passbook @ uan portal

  • downloading uan passbook same as checking epf statement on epfo members portal.
  • With epfo login portal, you can view/download /check pf balance only monthly once. But uan member portal you can check many times as you want. You can also watch pf balance checking video demo.
  • Epf balance statement epfo members portal checking pf balance epf India. gov.in same as at epfo india.com but if you want to download the epf statement you can view download from members download on epfo login portal. not from UAn Member portal.


pf balance on Mobile 3 ways:

Check pf balance on mobile by the epfo mobile app.

  • You can see pf account statement on mobile browser like Chrome.
  • EPF Balance details without the Internet:
  • You can check epf balance by SMS and Missed call service. For this you have to activate uan number,
  • sometimes epfo members may get the pf balance details due to external application down. I guess epfo server uptime is 50%.

Check PF Balance with UAN Number

If you want to check your pf balance with uan number, then uan login is required for that, unlike epfo login portal epf balance by without login maybe not available.

Many ways check pf balance by UAN Number: On mobile, On Mobile App, By epfo call services, Epf balance by SMS.

Why members prefer UAN Number instead of PF account number?

Simple UAN Number is 12 Digits and Its numbers, but PF Number contains all the info about State, regional pf office, company code and branches finally, pf number. It, not easy read remember. So UAN Number just like a phone number but two digits extras. So we can easily track epf balance with UAN Number.

How to check epf balance without login?

Before the uan portal exists, all epf members either login to epf portal to download pf passbook. But this involves registration maybe nobody interested in registering on the epfo portal for checking epf balance. Most of 90% of epfo members are interested in checking epf balance by pf number on epf India gov portal.

Here are the few methods to check pf balance without uan login or epfo portal registration. By sending an SMS, giving the missed call and check epf balance with the member id epfo portal. Also, epf employees can enable SMS alerts on uan portal.EPf passbook download by uan number. Like the official epfo Facebook page.

Check epf balance via mobile app:

Now, most of them are using for all-purpose (balance/transfer/update). Some of the steps are given below to check your status of the epf balance by using mobile application.

check-EPF Balance-on epf app

check-PF Balance-on epf app

  • You first open the app on your phone and click on member among pensioner and employer.
  • Below the member option, you see balance, click on balance or passbook, and then enter your 12-digit EPF account pr UAN number. You can also register mobile number to verify your details.
  • If your UAN number matches, then you could see updates balance details of your EPF account will appear on your screen.
  • If you want to see last seven month of your EPF statement, you click on view Passbook, and it gives detailed information about your balance.

download pf balance app here

EPF pension balance with pensioner ID

visit the epf india.gov.in and click on pension portal https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/.

you will see 4 options like this

  1. Jeevan Pramaan Enquiry
  2. Know your PPO No.
  3. PPO Enquiry/ Payment Enquiry
  4. Know Your Pension Status

to check your last month pension credited to your bank account or not, then select 1st option, and other etc.

how to check Railway EPF Balance?

just like epf balance, railway provident fund scheme also launched unique ID which is similar to epf uan. like uan portal registration railway employees self-service portal registration necessary,

register with aadhar, mobile number, date of birth. or instead of aadhar enter your pf & employee id.

to know your railway pf Unique id visit this and enter  Either Emp No. Or PF Number Or PAN Number along with your name and department.

Bill unit (XXX) + PF Number (12345678) = employee number No. = XXX12345678


view your Personal details, Salary, PF, Income Tax Projections and to download PaySlips.

click here to view your railway provident balance and other details. railway pf portal.

Here is some of the reason to check out the available epf balance on the PF account such as

  • It helps to gather all information that how much the employee had to save still knows.
  • You can be willing to have a loan out of the current PF balance such the house loan, marriage loan, personal loan and much more.
  • If you quit your government job or else own job, you just collect the PF money to meet all your finical need.

you can check epf balance from official site too. but a bit lengthy http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/.

UAN Passbook Download, Check pf Balance and epf passbook

most of the epfo members  Download uan passbook by sign into uan member portal of epfo with uan number and password. The best way to check pf balance with full details by downloading the uan passbook from the member portal. in addition, Follow the guidelines to download the uan passbook.

Features of the UAN Passbook for the PF Balance

The new UAN member portal provides Epf passbook many times for employee’s convenience.  The employee can download the universal account number card and passbook in the official portal of the provident fund office. The uan passbook gives many facilities for the new provident fund balance checking.

Key features of the UAN with epf balance:

With the help of the portal, the employee gets the precise information about the Epf uan balance. Once the employee is a member of the epfo. The employee has to continue with the membership till the job lasts. The company will provide the universal account number to each employee. The UAN number should be linked to the every pf account. If the employee changes the job then have to furnish the uan with new employer. With the help of the uan member portal, the employee able to transfer provident fund, do pf withdrawal, and know the pf balance an easy way.

Requirements to download the UAN passbook

  1. You must already know the UAN Number and It should be activated.
  2. UAN Portal registration is compulsory.
  3. There is no way to check download pf passbook by pf number.
  4. To know pf balance by missed call uan, these KYC details required. including aadhar, pan and bank details along with the registered mobile number.

Check epf balance by miscalling 011-22901406

Don’t forget to read other articles  UAN status,

Direct passbook download with UAN & password.

[su_button url=”https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp” target=”_blank” background=”#12cc31″ color=”#ffffff” size=”13″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: external-link” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”Epf passbook by uan” ]UAN Passbook download here [/su_button]


Download from epf passbook from epf

www.epfindia.gov.in >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook

Steps to download the UAN passbook:

The employee can easily download the passbook in the unified UAN portal. so, Each member with the universal account number can access the unified portal with the help of the universal account number dashboard. Once the universal account number is activated most of all the members to uan portal to download the epf passbook.

  • first of all, the employee has to visit the uan number portal to see the details of the provident fund and other things in the portal.
  • If the employee is the first time user of the portal, and he must activate the universal account numbers in the portal.if not activated yet.
  • furthermore, To activate the uan number, the employee has to provide his uan number and mobile number.
  • After this uan registration process is completed, the employee has to set the password for the universal account number portal for the authorization purpose.


  • After the activation is completed, the employee has to login to the universal number portal using the uan number and password.
  •   Once login to the uan portal, the employee reaches to the Unified Portal dashboard.
  • After this type of process is completed, the employee would see the three titles present on the site.
  •   1. UAN passbook, 2. UAN CARD, Account Settings.
  • The first option is to view the passbook, and the employee clicks it to download the UAN passbook for the future reference of the provident fund.
  • finally, click on download/ view option of the menu bar in the unified portal and select the passbook from the list.


Check PF balance SMS with the uan:

  • now all the epfo members have uan number, therefore, the easily track employee provident fund status by sending the free message to the epf toll-free number.
  • Every employee can also make the call with the universal account number toll-free number to check the Provident balance with interest.
  • The employee can also download the provident fund application on their phone and then enter the UAN number and check the provident fund balance.

if you are getting trouble with uan activation or want to reset password and mobile then go to uan helpdesk.

Now members can download uan passbook either by uan portal or epf Passbook option. Because epfo closed checking epf balance by pf number at present.

I know most of all here to know pf passbook details. Hence it is ready to Download your uan passbook here at the end of the article

Download uan epf passbook here

The UAN number facilities are available at the unified portal of the universal account number. The provident fund amount is the biggest saving for the employee a future. It is the important one to manage the universal provident fund account and the passbook fulfill the employee needs. The passbook contains all the necessary information of the employee provident contribution. So the uan passbook is the important thing to know epf balance.

Download the epf mobile app from here.

UAN Status know / generate uan number at unfied portal epfo


Hi friends, we have updated new method for checking UAN status. by this, we can know our UAN Number which is allocated by epfo and generated by the employer. now epfo members know the uan number by uid number, pan card, or pf number. just follow the below guide and share the experience with us.


  1. Visit https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. Look at Know Your UAN Status below the uan login form. click on uan status.
  3. Enter the following details

and confirm the mobile number with authorizing button to verify with OTP sent to registered mobile with uan member portal.

  1. PF Number
  2. Aadhaar / PAN
  3. Name
  4. Mobile Number
  5. DOB


After knowing the UAN Number go to The UAN Activation or registration.





Check the UAN status from the PF portal:

Here are the steps to check the uan number status from the provident fund portal.

  • First, you visit the official site of employee provident fund organization or unified portal.
  • After visiting the portal, you pick the required UAN Status from the menu list.
  • Now, you can select the state or region of the epfo and fill the pf number in the box.
  • Name, email, DOB, Mobile Numbers are mandatory.
  • Click on the check button, and then you get the message if the universal account number is allocated.
  • This one provides the complete details and information for checking the universal account number.


How to Produce the UAN Number by uan status:

The basic step will assist you to produce UAN number

  • In the Employee provident fund, you have to fill up your office area column and state
  • Enter your provident fund Number (PF Number/Ext/Establishment Code/Office/Region).
  • Enter pf Account profile details
  • Then select Check Status button. If the message received that your universal account number is activated. It is clear that employee provident fund organization has allotted you as the UAN holder.

UAN status Features:

  • The Universal Account Number will be the umbrella for the members those who have multiple IDs. It will act as one place for each allotted IDs.
  • Employee Provident Fund Organization(EPFO) has to be allotted Universal Account Number or UAN.
  • With the Universal Account Number, each and every employer has to mark member ID
  • With each and every Universal Account Number, know your customer details have to be seeded.
  • Primary KYC’s (know your customer) of the Universal Account Number are PAN, Aadhar card, and Bank A/C numbers.

The Universal Account Number also has the portal known as Unified Portal for the Employer Provident Fund. The Employee Provident Fund Organization portal has launched for the UAN passbook holders. These Unified portal are available at the official website i.e. unifiedportalmem.epfindia.gov.in/member site. These portals have some following key features:

  • Downloading and printing of universal account number card are also available at any time
  • In this portal, you can update your contact information and know your customer (KYC) details
  • Activate your universal account number status at any time
  • Universal Account Number portal helps you to register by yourself- need at only once.


Benefits of UAN status online:

Having the Universal account number passbook online have the following benefit:

  • Prints the UAN passbook:

Download provident fund passbook. Just you have to log into universal account portal and download your provident fund passbook in the PDF format.

  • UAN card:

Download universal account number card from the official website by logging into the account

  • Know your Customer (KYC) Documents:

You can also upgrade your KYC documents like ID proof, address proof, email address and mobile number. Just you have to upload the documents on the UAN page or UAN passbook.

  • List the Member IDs:

The universal account number can assist you in the listing members IDs. Once you have login, then you can upgrade your list member IDs as well

  • Check the Account Status:

Whether you want to check the PF account status then you will want to log in on Universal account number homepage to check the account status.


  1. epf balance,
  2. uan portal,
  3. pf claim status.



Pf transfer online eligibility process OTCP portal login member claims

How To Transfer Pf Money From One Account To Another Account

PF transfer is now on automation with uan number. anyway, be sure to check with epfo.The provident fund is provided for the individuals are those who are working in the organization for many years. The EPF is created for the private sector jobs. The employee can access their provident fund after the retirement of the job. The EPF number is offered for each employee as unique number. With the employee provident fund account number, one can transfer or withdraw money to another pf account.

If the employee changes their workplace from another city, they have the same account number. For registering this account the employee must have required paperwork to create the new account. The employee provident fund account will be created with the help of the employee in the organization. When changing the job and joining as a new employee in other company, the employee does not have an option to open fresh or close the old account.

Advantages of PF transfer:

The employee closing the EPF account before five years, the amount in the account is taxable. If you simply transfer funds to another account, you can enjoy with your earned money. For purchasing, constructing the new home, the marriage of your daughter, medical treatment and more with the partial withdrawal amount of your pf funds. You can also earn prevailing interest rate from the EPFO and becomes substantial to the power of compounding.

PF Transfer step by step infographic


Step by step guidelines for pf transfer

If you are new to transferring pf amount to another pf account then read the following instructions.

If you already have UAN, then you can transfer amount easily. Otherwise, ask your employer to create new UAN account.

  • First, you need to visit the official page and create the UAN login ID.
  • It will take to the page where you enter details of the current employer such as UAN, mobile number, and account number.
  • You must check if you are eligible for transfer fund on the website. You have to fill your state which given in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on check eligibility to check your status if you eligible or not.
  • Then the site displays the status, if you are eligible then register on the website.
  • Now you need to submit ID proof like Aadhar card, PAN card and more. The site will send PIN number to your phone number for verification.
  • You have to enter the PIN number and continue the further process.
  • It takes you to member claim portal, you have to log in with the document ID and mobile number. You can see all the options after login.
  • Go to home page and click on request for transfer of account.
  • Now you have to fill the pf transfer form.
    • In the form, you have to enter your personal details in the first part. Then enter IFSC code and salary account number.
    • The second part, you have to fill your old pf account.
    • Then fill the current pf account. After filling the form correctly, preview to check if you enter correctly. Click on agree after entering the PIN number, the PF money is transferred.


epf India gov.in >> our services>. for employees>> OTCP  https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/

After loging uan Portal. Dashboard>> transer/calims>> made New claim. fill the claim form.


Pf transfer eligibility check http://memberclaims.epfoservices.in/check_eligibility.php

Members claim portal login http://memberclaims.epfoservices.in/

OTCP Portal for employees http://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/OTCP_ForEmployees.php

  1. PF withdrawal,
  2. epf balance
  3. uan number
  4. uan portal login
  5. pf passbook
  6. pf claim status
  7. uan activation
  8. uan status.
  9. new unified portal
  10. epfo employer portal
  11. epfo login

Pf Withdrawal learn how to withdraw pf eligibility TDS rules etc

Why the account holder does not withdraw earlier:

  • If you withdraw an amount from your account within five years of opening, you have to pay tax for the interest which you earned in your pf account.
  • The account holder can transfer the account to other new company if you switch your job.
  • Withdraw the pf amount will provide the rules of the employee and employer for some limited period of employment.

Withdraw pf amount without signature:

Getting an attestation from the employer for the withdrawal is mandatory. Get the signature from the previous employer, you have to left the job and get the signature from them. Follow the pf withdrawal process are given without employer signature.

Withdrawal pf amount with an Aadhaar card:

  • For withdrawal pf amount the employee chooses the member option in the official portal. One can withdraw amount by the Aadhar card.
  • The salary bank account and Aadhar card are verified via employer and it is enabled in the member portal.
  • Activate the UAN number and you start the withdrawal process without the signature of the employer.
  • Download the new employee provident fund from the EPFO web portal. In the form enter the required detail in the form.
  • Account number of the bank and UAN should match on the epfo site.

also, check  PF transfer

Procedure to withdraw pf offline:

Now the account holder can withdraw the amount from online with Aadhar card. Using the online platform you can withdrawal the amount easily without any risk. If the Aadhar number seeded with uan number employee able to withdraw faster. NOTE: Now aadhaar is mandatory.

  • First, visit the web portal and download the form based on the type.
  • The fille forms have to be submitted by the cheque of the bank.
  • Submit all the required details in the document, if you are withdrawing pf by the employer.
  • If the application of the withdrawal is not in the employer, you can get the attestation from the manager of the bank.
  • After completing the form you just submit the attested form to the provident fund office for other approvals.

Ways to withdraw provident fund:

PF Withdrawal is not allowed if the employee is not retired from the job. The withdrawal option is switched based on your job and now available in the web portal.

  1. Visit uan member Portal, https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. click on transfer and claims fill the bank details and verify existing members details.
  3. click on submit the claim,
  4. you may see claim code which helps to track the specific claim. or you all claim made to epfo by uan number.

meanwhile track your epfo claim status here.

Apply for pf withdrawal through UAN:

The employee must download the form and fill, submit it to the pf office. After submitting the application form the amount can be received within three months. You can directly apply for PF withdrawal by UAN. With the help of UAN, one can apply the withdrawal form in online.

Submit the application in Pf office:

After filling the claim form, the employee has to submit directly to the provident fund office. It requires an attestation process to applying for withdrawing. The employee gets attested by any bank manager, magistrate, gazette officer, etc for applying for withdraw process. Attaching the proof employment makes easy to withdrawal the amount from your account. So, read the above instructions to withdraw your expected amount from the provident fund account are effective.

uan number benefits.

Purposes of the PF withdrawal:

There are many purposes that the employee withdraws the provident fund for their convenience.


The employee can withdraw the provident fund for their self-purpose, siblings, and others marriage. Though, they have completed the minimum of seven years of service to withdraw the fifty percent of the fund.

Medical treatment:

The employee can also withdraw the provident fund for the purpose of the medical treatment. For the medical purpose, the employee can withdraw the provident fund up to six times of their monthly salary for the parents, spouse, children, and others.

Construction purpose:

If the employee wishes to buy the property for their convenience, the property must register in his or her name. This one requires minimum five years of service to withdraw the provident fund for the construction purpose. It is the important one for the employee to withdraw the fund once during the service of the provident fund holder.

Loan repayment:

If the employee withdraws the provident fund for the purpose of the loan repayment option, the property must register in his or her name. It is the mandatory one for the employee to withdraw the provident fund quickly. This one requires the minimum of ten years of service to withdraw the provident fund about the monthly remuneration of the provident fund holder.


The employee must be 54 years old to withdraw the amount of the provident find in their respective account. you can also withdraw the provident fund for various like the physical and mental disability.

PF withdrawal after retirement 

if The person cannot withdraw the entire amount at the end of tenure.  After the completion of 15 years after retirement, the account holder can expand for five years.

[4+ ways ] uan Activation & registration

uan activation: The UAN (Universal account number) is an important number for the employee. The UAN number is introduced by the Employee Provident Fund organization to the employee. With the help of the uan, anyone can easily transfer and withdrawal the money and quickly. The universal account number is portable for the all companies and the uan can be used anywhere In India. UAN is a twelve digit number is allotted to every employee by the employee provident fund organization.

Steps For uan member portal registration

The uan gives the power to the employee to control the EPF account and also minimize the role of the employer. The universal account number helps to transfer the fund from one account to another account.UAN Acts as the umbrella for all more multiple pf accounts.

The employee once has activated his registration get the following services

  1. member passbook,
  2. UAN card download,
  3. updating KYC information,
  4. view transfer claim, file,
  5. listing his member ID to the UAN and others.
  6. Pf transfer one account to another.
  7. pf withdrawal without employer signature.

Nowadays uan activation necessary for checking  EPF Balance.

If you want to know about your UAN number for activation then follow the procedure at this page UAN Status.

UAN activation  or registration will be done at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/

Ways to Activating UAN on the Member Portal

  1. BY Aadhaar Number,
  2. UAN Number,
  3. Pf Number
  4. Pan card Number

any of the above and below following details mandatory.

  1. Name & surname.
  2. date of birth, father name
  3. Mobile Number and email id.


uan activation by aadhaar


Tips to activate the uan universal account number

The universal account number is allotted to the employees will be intimated to the employee through the salary slip. After knowing the universal account number, the employee should activate the UAN.

  • Visit the EPFO website at www.epfindia.gov.in. our service >> employees>> uan activation.
  • Select the EPFO-uan service at the right corner of the page
  • Download the user manual with the link (optional)
  • Read the user manual and then click uan member portal
  • Select the Activate your UAN and then click on the checkbox
  • Enter the compulsory field for the uan activation.
  • Enter the universal account number allotted to you and enter your mobile number
  • Then select the state and after that select the office.

2nd Part of uan activation at epfo

  • Enter the establishment ID and EPF number  / aadhar /pan / uan (any one of these)
  • After that type the character shown in the box and then select the Authorize button. You get your pin number on your mobile number.
  • Click the checkbox and then enter the PIN number received on your mobile number.
  • Then click on the submit button, and new page will be open
  • The employee name will be displayed on the screen and check your name spelling
  • Then enter the details and create the username and password.
  • Enter your father name, date of birth and others
  • Then click on the checkbox and create and enter the password
  • Re-enter the password for confirmation
  • Enter your email ID and click on the submit button
  • The UAN registration SMS will be received on the mobile number

Once the UAN account is activated, and you log in the uan account by entering the username and password.


How do get done UAN activation?

The employee who contributes for EPF account can eligible for getting the UAN. The UAN has allotted to every EPF member to assist him or her to enjoy more of facilities. The UAN number will communicate to you through your employer that includes your monthly pay slip. Or else, you can contact your employer to get your UAN. If you do not get the UAN from your employer, then you can follow the below steps.

  • Visit the EPFO member portal
  • Go to the check UAN status / UAN activation option below the login form.
  • There select your state and office of jurisdiction
  • Now enter your EPF number as well as establishment code
  • Once all information entered, click on the check status button

Immediately, the web page shows your UAN status. If the uan portal shows your UAN activated then you can go directly and contact your employer with a screenshot of it.

How to activate EPFO UAN:

You can use your UAN by visiting the UAN member portal website. First, you need to activate your UAN by simply clicking Activate Your UAN link on the portal. While login, you should keep the mobile number, member ID, and UAN with you. Once you get UAN from your employer, you need to follow below steps to activate your UAN.

  • Visit the UAN member portal website
  • Then select the tab UAN registration form
  • In that, enter your mobile number, UAN, and EPF account details
  • EPFO will send the authorization PIN to your registered mobile number
  • Once you entered the PIN number as received in your mobile, UAN activated
  • Generate your login ID and password for you to complete the registration process

How to download UAN card:

Follow the steps to download UAN card.

  • Login to the UAN member portal
  • Go to the download options and click the tab download UAN card
  • Then click the download button. Now you can either save or print it.

uan activation problem & helpdesk

uan activation problems


The problem, SMS not received while registering uan member portal

solution: wait for sometime, or again do check mobile registered with epfo or not contact HR.

2.forgotten password and mobile number changed

UAN portal rectified this, by entering your PF details and date of birth, Name etc.

follow his>> uan portal>>forgot password>>ener uan>> old number appears to sent OTP>>click on NO>>enter your of details & aadhar & pan >>enter new mobile number>> get OTP Set New Password.

login to the portal to know epf member balance.

uan activation by SMS

SEND EPFOHO ACT 12 digit UAN number 22 digit MemberID TO  7738299899.

NOTE: Space needed among UAN & PF ID  also on EPFOHO ACT word.

ex:EPFOHO ACT 123456789876 SSRRR12345670001234567.

  1. SS = state
  2. RRR= region
  3. 1234567= establishment id /company code.
  4. 000= company branches if any
  5. last 7 digits are our EPF number.

Activating on the mobile epfo mobile app

  1. download the Umang app from google play store, one-time heavy registration is required with aadhaar and mobile number.
  2. then you can link Facebook, Twitter for easy login next time, set a 4 digit pin to log in quickly.
  3. once you logged click on the epfo icon.
  4. click on members option, among employers and pensioners.
  5. then click on activate uan, between epf passbook and activate uan.

on the mobile activation process

  1. Enter your PF Number select state & pf office employer code and your EPFO number.
  2. your UAN number
  3. mobile number.

click on activate uan authorize with Mobile SMS OTP.

you will get a confirmation message like, your uan number activate kindly go the uan portal and set the password for login.


UAN member Portal registration with Aadhaar Number

you don’t need generate UAN and checking its activation status, further activating it and setting the password. but the new demand based on people interest, epfo launched Aadhaar based UAN registration option.

  1. AAdhaar number generates instantly,
  2. Activation takes further steps as we mentioned above.
  3. we can login to the portal on the final step.


  1. visit uan portal, and click on Aadhar based uan allotment
  2. enter your aadhaar number, and click on authorize
  3. you will get an authorization SMS to and mobile number which is linked with aadhar data. from UIDAI kindly confirm the details.
  4. Your name and address details will be seeded to the epfo portal.

NOTE: you pf account and aadhaar details should be matched with each other.

and follow the uan activation process and setting new password after activation.

 uan portal registration final set password

  1. generating uan
  2. know status
  3. activate it
  4. SET the new password for login.

how to SET New password / reset for UAN Portal?

once the uan activated you have to log in the portal to download uan passbook, update kyc etc.

but password required, new employees no idea about creating a new password, earlier pf activation form allowed create while registration. but as of now, we have to choose the forgot password option on uan portal. some people may confuse about updating new password without old password.

  1. visit uan member portal,
  2. click on forgot password below the login form.
  3. enter your UAN Number
  4. you will see your mobile number and it asks for “do you want to received OTP on this mobile number” click on yes.
  5. verify OTP and set new strong password combination of minimum 8 digits, 1 CAPital letter and a symbol etc.

finally, you can log in to the portal by your uan and password.

UAN Activation process PDF

unfortunately, there is no official documentation for the Process of activating uan process unavailable in PDF. But you save this article as PDF and download to your mobile phone or desktop.

just press CTRL + P to print this article finally click on save as PDF in chrome. or read directly and ask questions below.

Benefits of activating and registering on the UAN:

You can gain many benefits while activating and registering on the UAN member portal. Some of the UAN activation benefits listed below.

  • You can check your PF status,
  • You can download PF passbook,
  • Update or correct KYC information,
  • Even you can track your claim status for withdrawal
  • You can also check UAN status if you do not receive UAN yet.

UAN Activation avilable at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.

epfo claim status | pf transfer | withdrawal pf claim status

Know your pf claim status with epfo unified portals. epfo claim status checking is very easy just like pf balance. Anyway, the member can track claim status of both withdrawal and pf transfer process.

 EPFO Claim status withdrawal & transfer

Employees are now easy to track their PF claim status by using the uan portal. Presently, EPFO is using different technology and digitalization to provide online services. Using this EPFO claim status easy to check PF balance, status and avoid visiting EPFO offices.

How to Know EPFO Claim Status?

 EPFO Claim Status: This facility provided for EPFO Members, subscribers, and pensioners who have submitted a claim in any EPFO offices across the country. Employees can find their EPFO status by using PF account number.

[su_button url=”http://uanlogin.in/pf-withdrawal/” background=”#55cc12″ color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: bullseye” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”pf withdrawal”]PF Withdrawal[/su_button], [su_button url=”http://uanlogin.in/pf-transfer/” background=”#ccbd12″ color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: fast-forward” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”pf transfer”]PF Transfer[/su_button], [su_button url=”http://uanlogin.in/epf-balance/” background=”#ccbd12″ color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: fast-forward” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”epf balance enquiry”]epf balance enquiry[/su_button],[su_button url=”http://uanlogin.in/uan-passbook/” background=”#cc1227″ color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: chevron-circle-left” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”pf passbook”] epf  Passbook[/su_button], [su_button url=”http://uanlogin.in/uan-activation/” background=”#ccbd12″ color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: fast-forward” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”uan generation”]uan activation[/su_button],

epfo claim status by pf numberTracking the EPFO claim status by using UAN

have your pf claim rejected then read the rule of pf withdrawal.

Steps to check EPFO claim status @UAN

 Employees who need to know EPFO claim status using UAN (Universal account number), they firstly login to the UAN member portal. If you log in to the UAN member portal clicks on following link www. Uan members.epfoservices. in

Various services provided for employees/pensioners who are login into above UAN portal member portal. By using this UAN member portal to check EPFO claim status, PF balance and withdrawn information.

Check EPFO Balance

Employees provident fund organization (EPFO) provides various facilities to get EPFO balance details. It provides online services using UAN number and mobile apps for checking EPFO balance.

TAX Deducted at source (TDS) for EPF Withdrawal

  • TDS Applicable on employee withdrawal epf before five years of his employment.
  • Tax applicable when employees withdraw above 50,000 rupees less than five years. epfo increased minimum tax-free withdrawal 30,000 to 50,000.
  • NO TDS On PF transfer to another PF Account.
  • TDS will not be deducted on below 50K withdrawal if it early withdrawal below five years.,
  • NO Taxes if pf account is older than five years.
  • If Employee submits the 15G (below 60), 15H (above 60), then Epfo not deducts any taxes on your pf account balance.

Forgot PF Number then Ask your Employer by contacting by Mail, Phone, physical visit in case of the previous employer.

You can check epfo claim status at http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/KYCS.php.

From above epf India gov in the website, you can track pf claim status pf number and claim id. But logging into the uan member portal. You will get more features like Passbook and other etc.



Ways to Check EPF Claim Status Online

EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund. Now, one can access EPF claim status online in simple steps. This service is a lifesaver for many employees who do not have any idea about their future and how to access their EPF account. The Government of India provided the online EPF facility for the employees. This facility offers the feature of checking EPF balance and downloading the PF passbooks as well as other related services.



1. Check Pf claim status with UAN No

Just pf passbook download portal and select pf claim status with uan number.

The enter the UAN Number and fill the captcha to see the pf transfer and withdrawal request status.

we are here directly providing epfo claim status by universal account number [su_button url=”https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemClaimStatusUAN/” target=”blank” background=”#1230cc” color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: bullseye” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”pf claim status with uan “]pf claim status by uan no[/su_button]

How to check EPF claim status:

Things required to check claim status:

To check the EPF claim status, the applicant needs the following things.

  • EPF account number,
  • EPF regional office of the employer,
  • Establishment or company code and extension code,

2. Claim status @ epfindia.gov.in or epfindia.com

Now, you can check the EPF claim status in online by simply following the below steps. One who submitted the claim at any EPFO office in India can able to use this online EPF claim status check service. To use this service, the applicant needs to know only their EPF account number.

  • First, the applicant needs to open the EPFO official website or claim status available with uan number
  • Under the Our Service section on the site homepage, click on the option For Employees.
  • Now, click on Know Your Claim Status under the section of Services.
  • The applicant redirected to another page; there click on Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status.

Part 2 @ epfo. services.in by pf number

  • The new page will open along with a single field in that the Member needs to select their state of the PF office.
  • After that, the applicant can able to see the list of EPFO offices in the chosen city.
  • Select the corresponding office where the claim application submitted using the drop-down menu.
  • Once selected the appropriate EPF office, the office code and region code fields automatically filled with relevant data.
  • Next, the applicant should type in the establishment of their employer in the third box. Note: the code should be seven digits.
  • If there any sub-code or extension available for the establishment code, then fill it in the fourth box. If not means, simply leave the box blank
  • After that, fill the account number in the fifth box that is maximum of seven digits
  • Before clicking the submit button, recheck all the details and submit it.
  • This process as same as the epf balance enquiry
  • Now the applicant can access their EPF claim status by SMS to mobile.

if you uan number handy then know claim status without above steps.

3. Check EPFO claim status in mobile:

Now, the candidate can check their claim status in their Smartphone using the Android App. EPF India is the mobile app that works on Android OS 2.3 or above to provide EPF claim status at the applicant fingertips. Using this pf app, the applicant can easily check their claim status. At present, this candidate makes applicant assess the withdrawal status application by just entering PF account number and employer’s establishment code.


4. Pf claim status @ uan member Portal

UAN Portal login is required once you log in to the portal, you can view epf balance and list your pf account along with related claim history regarding pf transfer and withdrawal.

Anyway, under pf transfer service you will claim details with claim code without furnishing any other details.

for checking pf claim epfo claim status uan portal just go here https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/

Benefits of online EPF claim status facility:

  • This feature allows the applicant to view the claim status online without visiting the concerned EPFO office
  • It is the simple and hassle-free process to check the Claim Status
  • Also, check the PF balance once the online EPF activated.

you may be interested to know pf transfer and [su_button url=”http://uanlogin.in/pf-withdrawal/” background=”#1230cc” color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ icon=”icon: bullseye” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”pf withdrawal”]pf withdrawal.[/su_button]