EPFO UAN Member portal Login registration features passbook etc

with UAN Login portal you can benefit various epfo services like PF transfer, epf balance, update Ekyc check every transaction get monthly alerts to your mobile.with help new unified epfo portal, now both epfo members and partners also known as employees and employers can get online facilities one single web portal that is new uan portal. UAN Member portal for employees now located on unified uan portal member interface.as of now, with unified uan login website some services like uan activation, uan status for knowing universal account number may not work. because no one of the epfo members confirmed. we request to confirm it on the comment section.

What is UAN Portal Number?

UAN Is a Universal Account Number for epfo members. epfo employees can get it by checking uan status and then activate it for login and other UAN epfo services. epfo UAN is 14 digits unique number its required to pf transfer. it will be available with uan status option. members can know the uan number with pf number. there are the bunch of befits with uan Aadhaar number to available all E-services of epf India.

uan passbook download epfo member portal

Epfo Members who are activated UAN Number can download UAN Passbook for their Pf balance and other credit details. epfo members without UAN Portal Number can get epf statement at Old epfo login portal members.epfoservices.in.UAN Passbook statement downloaded in PDF format so UAN Members may not view in the mobile device.  SO UAN portal members can use the epfo mobile app and SMS missed call services.

Passbook contains detailed transaction related epf balance. so friends just for uan passbook instead of epf balance by pf number. members can also get SMS, email alerts regarding their pf balance. however, some people reporting epfo not updating their balance. but the fact is there may be the issue with your employer. main reason includes the irregular contribution or may not be paying to epfo for your account, you can check this with TRRN search. the main benefit of uan login portal you can track payments by the employer towards to your pf account.

  • Note: UAN Passbook available UAN Members downloads section.

    forgot uan portal number how to get back?

    If you already activated uan and logged into UAN Member portal before once. then you can recheck uan status by PF Number or epfo member ID.

    to download epf passbook go to the end of the article login with uan number and password.


    how to get the uan number?

    You can get UAN Number along with Your PF contribution and Monthly salary. You can contact your employer. Also, you can get UAN Number by pf account number. Visit UAN portal, check UAN Status by PF Number and Employee name Date of birth along with Mobile number. If UAN Number allotted to you can go for Activate it online

    UAN Number also available with the employer, recheck on your payslip. got confused then retrieve the uan number with epfo member id on uan member portal. this includes furnishing the details name, guardian mobile number. make sure to that all details have to match with epfo member database. Mobile number is must the registered one with epfo.

    how to generate uan number?

    How to activate EPF UAN Online?

    UAN can be activated with PF Number and Mobile Number and ID Proof of employee. EPFO Members also need to activate Password for UAN Number. for uan activation members have to visit the uan portal hence members already know the universal account number by checking uan status.UAN Number will be Sent to the epfo member by SMS. there is a small difference in getting the uan number and generating the new one. generating uan number is the responsibility of the employer. however, members able to know their universal account number on the epfo portal. by submitting member id and other details. this process also called as uan status or know uan.

    pf balance check with uan number

    UAN Members can check Epf balance by UAN Number at Epfo Member portal or uan portal online. also, they can check pf balance with UAN Number with offline mode by SMS and Missed call service.  You can check your PF balance here. 4 more ways to check pf balance with uan number.as we already said earlier. most simple way to check the pf balance with missed call facility.

    uan portal member login first time?

    A UAN Member can log in the UAN Number and PASSWORD. UAN Number will be sent by SMS epfo within 7 days. We already created a password while generating the UAN Online.

    uan portal helpdesk login /registration

    UAN Helpdesk portal Launched for various UAN members issues like UAN Password and the mobile number lost, pf number and UAN Number Mismatch. Address details correction etc.

    Note Only the technical problems solved at UAN Helpdesk portal. you call the customer care toll free number.

    or email them by [email protected]

    UAN portal for employers

    Generally, employers do all epfo activities online too. employers activities like epf online payment and New member registration claim settlement approval. and Aadhaar, Pan bank details approvement.new employer uan portal, employers can make the payment, settle the epfo claims, add new members to epfo etc.

    UAN Login portal Features and benefits

    1. There is no involvement of employer if your UAN and Aadhaar are verified. this the main epfo strictly asking seed aadhaar with UAN at pf portal.
    2. You can link all pf accounts with Single unified UAN Portal account number.
    3. Transferring pf account made easy with UAN Number.
    4. With UAN employees can track Their epf contribution every month either company paying or not.
    5. Withdraw pf Online with UAN very easy like bank transfer.
    6. Updating Address & Id proof document Ekyc made easy.


    PF Transfer with UAN login

    No need to transfer pf account from the previous employer to present employer manually online. with the Help of UAN Portal, It automatically transferred to the new company with your KYC and UAN Number.


    Increased benefits for the pension scheme.

    generally uan portal employees with pf amount rather than pf transfer. then funds added to the epfo pension scheme also withdrawn. then there is no big retirement benefits. with UAN Pf transfers funds also transferred to the present employer.

    UAN Help for emergency withdrawal

    With UAN you can withdraw up to 50% of epf corpus amount if uan enabled for your pf Account number.

    UAN Status for UAN generation /registration

    Now every epfo member now allocated with the new uan number. you may already know your UAN number because employer issues the PF Account number and UAN login number to employees.

    the Employer also activates your UAN number for respecting PF number for uan portal login. employees can also link PF Number with UAN number through the SMS.

    How do you check UAN Number status

    Simple, we can check UAN number status by our PF Number this called as member id. visit the uan login portal, check for UAN Status or know your UAN status option. then click on the UAN status or UAN activation form.

    1. Enter Your Member id / EPF Number.
    2. Name of EPFO Member
    3. Date Of Birth
    4. Mobile Number which registered with EPFO or registered by your employer.

    Furnish the all the above details on uan portal, If UAN number allocated for you pf account  99% choices then EPFO Asks your phone number to get UAN Number details to Your Phone number. but it takes few days maybe. after You got UAN Number you can activate the uan and login immediately. employers can also activate the uan, through epfo uan employer portal.


    EPFO UAN login Activation process online

    uan number required for registering /activating with uan portal, however, we can activate the uan without visiting the unified uan login member site, we could do that by sending an SMS to uan helpline with uan & member id or pf number. this process also called uan activation by SMS.

    UAn activation by the employer

    the employer can activate multiple uan numbers for their employees at a time.

    for this employer must know employees details like

    1. UAN Number
    2. PF Number
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Date of joining
    5. UAN login status (is uan member able login uan portal or not),
    6. Some other details.

    first of all, the employer has to login epfo esewa portal or New unified uan portal for the employer. then click on UAN option then, under UAN menu select the Multipole UAN login activation.

    enter the details and click on submit.


    UAN Activation by employee online on UAN portal

    UAn activation on uan portal is the faster and easiest way. the employee just needs to furnish the member id and UAN number. but uan number is already autofill at uan activation form.

    some other details include Member name, member id, phone number, father /mother middle name etc.

    After submitting the all details just click on authorize to verify mobile activation then enter verification for UAN activation through the mobile number.

    Then create a strong password to login uan portal.  You could login uan login member portal immediately after activating the UAN login with the Universal account number.

    Once again visit uan member portal, on the UAN portal login form, enter the UAN number & password to login. then you can check available services on epfo uan login portal.

    Balance checking, passbook download, uan card download etc.


    UAN Portal Benefits & features

    UAN portal brings you to lot features that every employee should aware about the epfo scheme, this tremendous improvement in epfo lifecycle from 1952 to 2015 onwards. the Main benefits of uan activation or uan login portal.

    1. every employee can update KYC online at uan portal without employer involvement.
    2. PF withdrawal online no need to round trip to epf offices & previous employer.
    3. PF transfer to new employer automatically with uan number.
    4. UAN Portal members can get epf balance details by SMS
    5. download UAN statement monthly or select a date of rage like bank statement for available loans etc with uan portal.

    Unified Uan Portal member interface

    it’s officially launched on December 2016, but some issues with new uan unified server. members got downtime for checking balance, epf transfer, downloading uan passbook. what’s new with new uan unified portal?

    We can view the Profile information Details like uan Number, date of birth, Member name and member id etc.

    epfo member able view epf balance online without downloading uan passbook in pdf format, With unified uan portal members, can download the uan card or view on the same portal. on the uan card, the photo may not appear because epfo team working on it.

    New uan unified portal navigation menu as follows >> Home>> View>>Manage>>Account.

    In the View Menu>> passbook, Uan Card, Service history, profile sections will appear.

    UAN Portal>> Manage: member can update contact details and KYC with document proof by uploading to the unified login portal.

    New Unified UAn Portal login Profile View /Update

    In Profile sections: all the details of member available including personal and contact details, it also includes education details as well. epfo Unified login Account settings:  the employee can change the password for your uan login portal. for changing uan login password mobile number is required if you want to change the password without mobile number in case of changed mobile number. the employee has to contact uan helpdesk portal.

    also, check new uan employer portal interface.

    Table of content

    1. UAN Status / Know uan
    2. UAN Activation for login
    3. EPfo UAN Passbook download for epf balance
    4. Universal Account number portal uan card
    5. UAN portal update KYC Correction
    6. epfo uan helpdesk login portal
    7. Epfo login mobile app
    8. pf transfer with uan
    9. pf withdrawal process
    10. uan number and mobile access

    UAN Status/  Know  your UAN login portal

    Every employee who has a provident fund account is allowed to Universal account number by the Employment provident fund organization (EPFO). Universal account number(UAN) it allows you to access the check balance and withdraw from your account without any interference.

    Know the UAN login number: Anyone generates a UAN portal number if you are student or unemployed. Users who need get UAN or UAN login number to visit the official website of EPFO and go to our service link. And enter the required details to get UAN and link up to your EPF account. Employees you can find out the UAN number through online.

    If UAN has already been allotted to you by the unified uan portal. if click on Check Status in EPFO.That will redirect to a verification page. Fill the all detail name, Date birth and other details as like registration time. And next click GetPin tab. The pin will be sent to your mobile. By using this PIN number you can Know UAN through online.

    UAN login status at unified uan portal:

    EPF members can UAN login status. If you are the member of EPFO you can activate Universal account number(UAN). Employees can track UAN status by using UAN member Id. This member id contains 22 digits it allotted to EPF members. The following is the process of checking UAN status.

    • Go to the UAN status page by clicking on Link:http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/check_uan_status.php
    • Next, enter the EPFO office state name in the first box.
    • Select your EPFO office region name and code in the 2nd box.
    • Enter the EPF account number in the 3rd box.
    • Finally, click on check status tab.and you will get details of UAN whether allotted or not.

    Universal number activation for uan Login:

    Members of Employees provident fund organization (EPFO), they just need to activate UAN.Users or employees by using this UAN login to get various services of PF account through online. The Number of benefits provided by the UAN login that mainly transfers fund to another account, check the balance and other services.

    UAN Portal login activation: The following is the process of UAN activation.

    • Users first keep it UAN and EPF account numbers before starting the process.
    • Next click on the link: http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/ Scroll down and Click on Any any of the following Links
    • And click on read and understand tab.
    • Enter the Universal account number and EPF number in blank spaces on uan portal activation form.
    • And enter the characters to get PIN and pin will send to your registered mobile number.
    • Then create username and password.
    • Finally, go to the page of UAN login. And enter the Username and password to access your UAN account.

    How to download UAN passbook on uan portal unified

    Employees provident fund organization(EPFO) facilitates to employees to download the UAN Passbook through online. Users or members of EPFO easy to know the PF balance. EPFO UAN passbook contains the more details that are Member I, PF withdrawal details, Total EPF, EPF transfer details, Balance of Employee/Employers contribution and Pension contribution.

    Download EPF UAN Passbook: Following is the process of downloading UAN passbook.

    • Go to the UAN portal link:https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
    • If you are the first user you can activate UAN otherwise go to the login page.
    • If you are the existing users of UAN then enter the Username and password in UAN login.
    • clicking on the submit button you see three files in that page.
    • Click on View passbook tab and you will get UAN passbook details.

    Universal account number portal UAN card

    EPFO launched the unified UAN portal for employee and EPFO members. Universal account number portal helps to employees to check PF balance, Transfer balance, download uan Passbook and other services provided by UAN portal or UAN card.

    The following are features of the unified UAN portal.

    • Download and print passbook any time.
    • Prin the UAN card.
    • Change your e-mail id and mobile number.
    • Update and check your KYC status.

    UAN portal update KYC correction

    An employee can update their KYC information by EPF online by using UAN portal. You need to change or update or Correction of KYC(Know your customer details) on UAN portal by using UAN number. Update or change KYC details by submitting the related documents when you log in to the UAN portal.

    •  Aadhaar.
    • Bank Passbook.
    • National population register.
    • Permanent account number.
    • Election card.
    • Ration card
    • Passport

    Above documents are require UAN Portal KYC correction:

    EPFO UAN helpdesk portal

    Employment provident fund organization (EPFO) facilitates to employees to help the queries about UAN.EPFO providing various online services and maintain UAN helpdesk portal to check the details about epf accounts. The following are the EPFO UAN portal for online support details.

    • EPFO UAN help desk website link:,
    • UAN helpdesk portal number: Toll-Free:1800 118005 Timings: 7 a.m to 8 p.m.

    EPFO mobile app for uan member portal

    Employment provident fund organization providing mobile app services to members of EPFO.It is a very useful application for employees to get various services on the mobile phone. Users can download the EPFO mobile app from the official website. Register and log in to the UAN portal to access your EPF account like Balance check, check UAN status and download UAN passbook and other services provided by the EPFO mobile application.

    Download EPFO mobile app:

    PF Transfer and Withdrawal process with UAN login portal

    EPFO facilities to employees to transfer and withdraw fund by using a UAN number. Employees first activate their UAN and login to UAN portal to utilize these services. The following is the Process of transfer PF to another Pf account and it also the same process for Withdrawal.

    • Users firstly visit the website:http://members.epfoservices.in/home.php
    • Next, create UAN based login id and this will redirect to another page here enter the details of register mobile number, Establishment number, and account number.
    • And select the state-wide EPFO office and click on Eligibility tab for transfer PF.
    • It will let check eligibility or not and enter the photo id like passport, Pan card details. This site will send PIN to registered mobile through uan portal.
    • By using this PIN number you will get a confirmation message.
    • Enter the required PF account number and submit related documents.
    • Finally, click on Agree tab. After entering the PIN the PF claim transfer is initiated.
    • pf transfer or pf withdrawal occurs on member claims portal not withing uan portal.


    UAN login number and Mobile access

    Most individuals with employment provident fund organization (EPFO) based on Universal account number (UAN).It is used for download EPF passbook and checks the pf balance check. You can access the UAN portal using the mobile number that is listed below. Go to the URL:http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees.php?id=sm2_index

    • Select the forgot password and mobile number is changed option.
    •  Enter all the details new mobile number, UAN, member ID, Date of birth.
    •  Enter the type of problem in the text box
    • Select the language.
    •  Click on generate OTP and by using this access the UAN portal.

    [su_button url=”https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp” target=”blank” background=”#12cc31″ color=”#ffffff” size=”13″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: external-link” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”Epf passbook by uan”]UAN Passbook download here [/su_button]


    epf passbook with uan

    UAN: UAN Number Features Benefits and Advantages

    Benefits of the UAN:

    Here are the most outstanding benefits of the universal account number (UAN).

    • Employees connect all his or her provident account to a single UAN account.
    • Using the UAN, the employee can withdraw his or her provident fund money online.
    • Transfer the provident fund amount from the old PF account into a new PF account is also made easy via the universal account number.
    • Using the UAN online member portal, employees instantly check his or her PF balance.
    • In addition, simply send the SMS to the UAN number the employee get to know provident fund balance.
    • The universal account number is the identification number, which is independent of employers.
    • If there is any need for the employer to authenticate or validate your profile, then your universal account number is KYC or Aadhaar verified.
    • This UAN also helps the employees to maintain and manage his or her provident account online. This means any of the employers not hold back the provident fund amount of any employee.
    • The employee also tracks if their company depositing the provident fund every month or delaying the provident fund contribution simply registered on the UAN portal.

    Advantages for employees using the UAN:

    Employees, those linked all his or her PF account with the UAN can get the benefits mentioned below.

    • There is no involvement of employers in PF withdrawal

    At present, if you request for PF withdrawal then request pass on to your old employer and they have to sign the request and then only request forwarded to the EPFO. However, with the universal account number the employer intervention reduced. The PF money on your previous PF account transferred automatically to your new PF account after the verification of KYC complete.

    • Automatic pf transfer with uan & aadhaar

    Transfer the provident amount from one employer account to other is the big and lengthy process. However, there is no need to transfer your PF amount at all with the advent of universal account amount. In order to change your account, all you need to do is provide the KYC and bank account details to the new employer. Once the new employer verified this information, then PF amount from your previous account transferred automatically to the new account.

    • SMS alerts for the easy account management

    By using this portal you can perform various tasks such as UAN Activation, check the UAN allotment status, check the EPF passbook, and upload your KYC document and Aadhaar documents and others.

    Details require for register epfo uan number

    By using the universal account number anyone can easily check their PF balance status. The employer gives the universal account number to each employee and the employer print universal account number in salary slip. The employee should have the details before going to register for the epfo uan number. They are

    • Date of birth
    • Mobile number
    • PAN card number
    • Name
    • PF number and others

    How to UAN login via member portal

    The employees need to get the universal account number and the employees also need their mobile number and the member ID during the online registration process. The process of the epfo uan login is very simple and the employee needs some details to activate the UAN number.

    • First, you visit the UAN portal click here to login epfo portal!
    • Select on active the UAN and then the UAN form will display
    • Enter your UAN number and select the checkbox to enter the user ID.
    • Choose the state and office, and then enter the PF office code.
    • If the employee does not have the member ID and then enter PAN card number.
    • The user can enter the details like mobile number, name, date of birth, email address and others
    • Then select to get the authorization PIN number and the user will receive the PIN number on their mobile phone for the verification process.
    • Enter the Pin number and submit the application form
    • After completing the UAN activation process and the employee will get the confirmation messages for the email ID.



    The employee provident fund organization provides the three schemes. They are,

    • EPS (Employee pension scheme),
    • EPF (Employee provident fund scheme),
    • EDLIS (Employee deposit linked insurance schemes).
    1. for downloading epf / uan passbook check epf balance here.
    2. Epfo login for pf withdrawal and PF transfer members have to visit OTCP portal.
    3. for uan unified portal visit the home page uan portal.

    Please note that read the article at the end in order to find the best information.

    UAN Card How to get & It’s Importance

    visit UAN Portal>> and click on View and select UAN card among Profile, Service History passbook etc.

    it contains the following details:

    1. UAN  NUmber–
    2. Name
    3. Photo removed by epfo recently (why i don’t know)
    4. Father Name/Husband Name
    5. KYC Status if it approved details will be printed–
    6. QR code to scan the details & authorize –
    7. Date of uan card downloaded–

    Why UAn card?

    as of now, there is no importance for UAN card, maybe in a couple of months, it helps in transfer by submitting to the employer.

    EPFO Interest Rate

    This financial epfo reduced five years lower by 8.5%. while the greater pf interest in the year of 2014-15% (88%). Please NOTE: Epfo Interest rate for present Finacial Year is 8.55%. But epfo gained 1000 crores this year by investing in stocks.

    TDS Tax on EPF Amount

    1. NO tax for 5 years above withdrawal but PAN number has to submit.
    2. Below 5 years & more than 50,000 withdrawal can attract tax at following rates,
    3. without PAN 34%, with PAN 10%.
    4. No tax for withdrawals below 50,000 below years old pf account.